VersionBox Analytics

Get any statistic from users, track events like application opening, page changing, user sign in and more.
Retrieve and analyze your errors, slow response times.

VersionBox Application Usage Analytics

App Usage Tracking

Follow the traffic of your applications, how much usage they get, and filter the data however you like.

VersionBox User Analytics

User Tracking

Get every data about your users, know what everybody's up to.

VersionBox Device Analytics

Device Tracking

Track your devices, list every data about them.
See their timeline and know what's going on.

VersionBox Error Analytics

Error Tracking

Watch your systems up close, get detailed reports about erros. Deeply analyze problems and control them.

VersionBox Bitrise

Integrate with Bitrise

Use the VersionBox Application Deployment step on Bitrise, integrate your applications, deploy your versions automatically on your Bitrise Builds.

Collabrate your CI workflow with VersionBox.

VersionBox Custom Reports

Need a custom report?
We can help.

VersionBox is flexible. We tend to create customized report pages for our customer's needs. If you need any specific data to be analyzed and displayed, we can help.

More Features

Learn more about VersionBox's wide features.

VersionBox feature

inHouse Integration

Integrate your store with your inHouse systems. Keep things safe.

VersionBox feature

Organisation Management

Create your organization and invite members. Pick roles for everyone and start working together!

VersionBox feature

Push Notification

Keep in touch, send notifications to your users anytime you want!

VersionBox feature

Detailed Reports

Get any data you want with detailed reports like your devices, usage statistics etc.

VersionBox feature

Work Wisely

Integrate with Bitrise, join VersionBox to your development team’s workflow.

VersionBox feature

Advanced Support

Need help with something? We're always with you. Tell us about your issues anytime.